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Would this be a good initial mix of fish? I'd buy them all as Fry and try to get the groups a little smaller as I begin to sex them. Maybe 1 male to 4+ females in the end. Thanks!

8-10 Pseudotropheus saulosi
8-10 Yellow Labs
8-10 Cobue
8-10 Metriaclima emmiltos

Would this stocking list work? I'm trying to get 4 species but I don't want to end up with a bunch of hybrids or too much fighting. Again this would be for a 90 gallon with a good amount of rocks/ caves, and quite a bit of filtration (2 AC 110's) because I know the tank will be stocked quite well.
Oh, and my original post also had a question about heating, I'm going with 2 250watt stealth heaters. Should be more then enough to keep my guys warm in the Buffalo winter!
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