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Ok about 3 weeks ago my little guy (an African Cichlid Achi) picked up a bit of ick....yeah it suck but we put him on that blue stuff and he was getting better but then his tank sprung a leek.
Ok fish out of the tank and we continued the treatment while he was hanging out in his mini 10 gallon tank.
I patched up the tank threw away all the old sand and switched to curshed coral inorder to stabilize the PH which seemd to always crash.
Let the tank sit for a day and a half and doped the little guy back in.
He was happyish for a week or two but again developed ich....ok tested the PH and all the fun stuff with the little dip stick tester and all was well. Very hard water, 8.2Ph, low to zero nitrates in a 37 gal eclipse tank. Decided to run the blue cure thing again. He got better and we did the 25% water change and guess what...its back again! and this time it's worse and with bloat!
It's so bad that a few of his scales are actually pushed out on one side and it looks a bit infected under the scale. But other than the looks and the not eatin he is active and not holding his fins back or anything like that.
What the heck is going on?
I'm calling my fish doctor tomarrow to have him come over but your help would be greatly appreciated.
4 years of not giving a **** just feeding him and giving him water with out so much giving a **** abou tthe PH and he was as healthy as a horse, but dang it 6 months ago the tank developed this odd sargaso sea bacteria thing and he's never been the same!
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