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Frontosa Set Ups
by Eric Glab

What tank decorations should I use?

I believe a natural looking tank places more emphasis on the beauty of the fish and is more pleasing to the eye in the long run. It sure beats gimmicky toys, colorful gravel and wacky lighting.

Since frontosa come from water that is extremely hard and alkaline, it may be best to avoid driftwood that adds tannins and acidifies the water. If you can get away with it due to the composition of your water, that's great. However many people will find that this is not the case and the health of the fish can suffer.

Frontosas need to have hiding spots in order to feel safe. Large rocks, PVC pipes, ceramic pipes, and other structures free of sharp edges work best. Frontosas like to sometimes dart into their caves with reckless abandon. Because of this, rocks like slate will make a poor choice.
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