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Unless they are wildcaught, put them in whatever your breeder used for best results. Most of them out now are typically bred and raised in water that is different from their ancestors origin. Continuity is far more important than trying to recreate a lake in your aquarium. If you have to add chemicals to your tank to mess around with the chemistry, then it might not be worth it. Much better if you can use a consistant rodi water system or if you are lucky like those of us in FL getting water from the aquafer at a constant 8.3ph, just add dechlorinator. I keep mine at almost 9 but my method of doing so is super easy and doesnt require anything expensive or precise to do it. Baking soda :). Yes my breeder and several of the bigger breeders around keep theres at 9.0 as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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