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What order to add fish

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Hi there. I set up a 65 gallon custom built tank 2 weeks ago now, and am starting to thing about stocking (don't worry, I intend to leave it at least a couple more weeks to get the water and filter nicely conditioned etc).

My current plan is to stock the following:

Cyprichromis leptosoma - 12
Telmatochromis vittatus â€" 2
Neolamprologus leleupi â€" 2
Julidochromis ornatus â€" 2
Synodontis multipunctatus - 3

What would be a sensible order in which to add the fish? Obviously I want to do it over a period of time in order to get the filter up to speed, but I want to do it quickly enough that there are as few territory problems as possible.

What do people think?

Thanks in advance!
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sam_d said:
DJRansome said:
sam_d, dimensions are more important than gallons. Because your tank is 36" long rather than 48" long like a 55G, Charles is recommending 2 species only and no cyps at all.

I have a 36" tank as well, I'm keeping Calvus and Caudopunctatus.
Do you think I could still get away with a couple of Synodontis as well as 2 species (likely Julies and Telmatochromis)
I wouldn't really recommend keeping fewer than 5 of the schooling Synodontis cats (i.e. multipunctatus) in a single aquarium. The Syno's will likely eat all the julie eggs, but the tight entrance of the shell may be able to keep them away from the Telmat spawn.
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