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What order to add fish

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Hi there. I set up a 65 gallon custom built tank 2 weeks ago now, and am starting to thing about stocking (don't worry, I intend to leave it at least a couple more weeks to get the water and filter nicely conditioned etc).

My current plan is to stock the following:

Cyprichromis leptosoma - 12
Telmatochromis vittatus â€" 2
Neolamprologus leleupi â€" 2
Julidochromis ornatus â€" 2
Synodontis multipunctatus - 3

What would be a sensible order in which to add the fish? Obviously I want to do it over a period of time in order to get the filter up to speed, but I want to do it quickly enough that there are as few territory problems as possible.

What do people think?

Thanks in advance!
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every time I see leleupi mixing with other rocks dwellers, I always try to recommand not to have them there. They are just so troublesome. Most of the time, they will roam and be aggressive towards everyone rather they are shellies, rock dwellers, open water...

I really don't think there is an order to add to reduce the aggression of these leleupi fish.

Juli. will stay in their own little place. I don't know much about the vittatus to coment on them.
size of your tank really limits you.

are you interested in just keeping fish or you like to see spawning?

if fish only, you can keep 1 single per types
calvus, julie, shellie (a pair), a paracyps., 1 birchardi, ectodus, etc... I still would skip the leleupi.

if spawning, I think you will max out with 2 types of fish... choose 2 that won't share spawning ground. For example:
Paracyps. + shellies
Julie + shellies
Paracyps. + ectodus
cats will be a hunter at night. You might not see as many fry. But as long as there is hiding space, I don't see why not.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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