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What length of light??

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I am putting together a 120g 72" long with a wood canopy. I am going to use the Nova T-5 Retrofit Kit for the lighting. What would you recommend for the length of lighting. 1 X 48" 2 X 36" or 3 X 24" length light strips? I will be using two of each one for the 10,000K daylight and one for the 460NM Actinic. thanks.
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2 36's or it will be dark on the sides. or go with screw in CF bulbs (wont be able to vary your bulb color much with these though)
i have, in my 30. its a 36" length tank with a 30" hood. i was able to fit 3 14w CF 6k daylight bulbs into a perfecto plastic hood casing. lights the tank well and it totals about 42W. significantly brighter than my single 20w T8 that it came with.

for my 5ft long 110 im going with 8 of the same screw in bulbs since 5ft is a weird size, i woulda had to buy a 3ft and a 2ft T8 fixture. buying more than 1 fixture and multiple buls jacks the price up.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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