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What kind of substrate should I use?

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Frontosa Substrate
by Eric Glab

What kind of gravel or sand should I use?

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Over and over again I see tanks that have gravel or sand that are piled to a depth of several inches. Why this is done, I don't know. The very nature of gravel is that it traps waste. The more gravel you have, the more waste that is trapped. Unless there is an undergravel filter present, gravel or sand is for decorative purposes only. As long as the bottom of the glass is covered in most of the tank, then you are OK. I don't keep my sand or gravel more then an inch deep in my aquariums.

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Dark gravel or sand makes Zambian and Zaire frontosas look their best,as it brings out the blue in these fish. Light colored or even a white substrate will help the other types from looking dark and keep that nice white-black contrast. Notice the way these two fronts appear over the recommended substrate.
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