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Frontosa Tank Mates
by Eric Glab

What kind of fish can I put with frontosa?

There are a cornucopia of fish that you can put in the same tank with frontosa. That is, if adequate space is provided. Remember that female frontosas can grow to about ten inches while males can exceed a foot!

Bird Falconiformes Terrestrial plant Wing Bird of prey

Many people like to have a plecostomus type algae eater in their aquarium. This is fine as long as the "pleco" is similar in size to the largest frontosa. We don't want to look in the tank one day and wonder when the last time we saw the pleco was!

Some people like to keep bottom feeders in the tank. A good choice would be a clown loach. These fish have a mother nature supplied "switchblade" that they can use for defense. It comes in very handy when our frontosas are feeling a bit hungry.

Organism Adaptation Fin Fish Underwater

Any other fish that enjoys a high protein diet, is not too hyper, and is not too small for the frontosa to eat will make a good tankmate. Some examples of good tankmates: C. Moori (blue dolphin), P. Phenochilus, in fact most of the Lake Malawi Haplochromines will do well with frontosa. From Lake Tanganyika, larger A. Calvus and A. Compressiceps also due quite well due to their slow movement and defensive nature.

Ask around what others keep, you may be surprised what works for them in spacious living quarters. Also, experiment a bit for yourself. You may be rewarded with a colorful and healthy aquarium.
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