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What kind of cichlids to add?

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I have a 55 gallon and have two convicts and two jack dempseys. These four have been together for several years and get along pretty well. Do I have anymore room to add more fish? If so, any recommendations on what to get or what to avoid? If possible, I'd like to get brighter colored fish since these four are darker. Any suggestions will be a great help!
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I would say you don't have any more room for additional cichlids, but you could try some small schooling fish (danios, tetras, barbs). Keep in mind that you may lose a few as snacks. Are your cichlids m/f pairs? Do they ever spawn? If so, the aggression level might be too high for other fish to be introduced.

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He did i asked for pic's and size's.
None, just dithers
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