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What kind of cichlids get along with plants?

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I've been wondering this all day, pretty much ever since I found out that my Polleni is a female and won't grow very large. I have her and a high fin catfish in there right now in a heavily planted tank, and I was wondering, if possible, if I could add a third fish. As of right now there is no aggression at all. I'd love something that preferably won't rip apart the tank. Does anyone have any ideas?
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For plants safe bets are Java moss and Java Fern if I remember correctly Anubias are supposed to be good too. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but they're supposed to be unappetizing plants.
Thats correct i got a bulb plant that has been flourishing and left alone called a "wonder bulb"
What are the dimensions of the aquarium you have?
The dimensions are 48 1/4 x 12 3/4 x 21. Also, I'm not asking about what kind of plants to get, even though I appreciate the tips, I was asking on what kind of cichlids to stock it with.
Then you may want to list what type of plants you have...
I've got an Amazon Sword, three Anubias plants on some pieces of driftwood, two Ruffle Leaf Swords, and two giant Val plants (at least I think thats what they called them at my LFS).

EDIT: Forgot about the odd one, it kinda looks like an Amazon Sword but it is much smaller and has a lot less leaves.. I don't know what its called exactly.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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