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what kind of cichlid is this?

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Can anyone tell me what type of cichlid this is and more importantly is it male or female?


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Try looking at the Sulfur Head Peacocks... It's a Peacock all right, or maybe its a star sapphire and I'm totally wrong. Otherwise it's an Electric Blue Acara. Looks just like Mine.
On second thought it might be a Trout Hap. my Electric Blu Acara is probably a Trout Hap. I'm all of a sudden kind of confused as to what my fish is now. Pretty darn peaceful fish, kind of a wimp when it comes to Mbunas, and gets huge.
The blue acara is a South American cichlid if we are thinking of the same thing. The electric blue is a african hap. I have an electric blue and this one is much darker but I was told that maybe it's an electric blue hybrid
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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