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What kind of Cichlid is this?

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I recently purchased a very tiny cichlid from my local pet store. They weren't sure what it was because it came along for the ride with some other fish they had ordered. I thought it was a fry since it was as long as a dime. However it hasn't grown any. I've had it for about 6 months.
It is definitely a south or central american cichlid.

Here are some pics. They're blurry because he's so small my camera won't focus on him.

He's literally this long ----- by this high |

He is a iridescent blue with red stripes going up and down. He has a prominent dorsal fin, with long front fins like a dwarf cockatoo cichlid.

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Dario dario from the family Badidae and not a cichlid.
They're great little fish. Max out at barely an inch. They can be picky eaters and for the most part require live food though you might be able to train them onto frozen. I've never had any such luck with them.
They stay small enough to where you can keep a pair in a 5 gallon tank but they don't do with with any larger or faster fish. They can be easily picked on and are easily outcompeted for food, being so slow and calculated when it comes to snapping for a meal.
Males are brilliantly colored and females are hard to find so if you managed to pick up a pair consider yourself lucky and breed them! It's not too hard. The actual spawning act is very similar to bettas but they're eggs scatterers not bubblenest builders. The male will guard the spawning site. They'll appreciate any kind of moss.
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rdwolf75 said:
Yep that's what he is. Thanks. I'm reading everywhere that they only eat live food, but I've never given him anything but flake and he's been a happy camper for the last 6 months.
That's a bit of a concern.
From the way he looks I wouldn't think you've had him for 6 months. He should be quite brilliant in color and well rounded.
While him eating flakes is not completely impossible I wouldn't assume he actually is taking the flake. I find it more possible that he might be living off whatever micro-organisms he may find among the plants in the tank.
If you ever feed him flake and actually witness him eating it please post and let us know. I know the folks over on the Badis & Dario yahoo groups would love to hear of it. Some of them have been able to get their dario on "golden pearls" but it's still not common. :wink:
All the ones I ever had wouldn't even eat frozen food. It was live or nothin and they'd rather starve than settle for anything less. :roll:
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