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What kills my peacock cichlid

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Hi i am new here and well its my first aquarium setup
I have 04 parrot cichlids, 02 tinfoil barbs & 02 peacock cichlids in my tank (L3ft*H2ft*W1.25ft tank size)
Today morning i have noticed that One of my peacock cichlid was almost half eaten lying on the ground (But i dnt knw why and who must have killed it as it was around 03 inches and roughly every one in the tank is of the same size just one of the parrot cichlid is around 4 inches)
Also the dead one Peacock used to stay in corners hidding from the other peacock only)
Any suggestions please?
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Best "Guess", the other Peacock killed it.
Once adult sizes are attained, the 3 foot long (65 gallon?) aquarium will be much too small in size to keep the number and species of fish you have in it. It has already proven to be too small to keep two individual African Cichlids in it, without one killing the other.
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