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what is a good test kit

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i am looking for a new test kit, mine is a few years old, and i heard they can go bad after awhile... i want one that tests everything: PH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate... is this a good one, or what do you suggest.

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yep, thats the one I have.
Thats the kit I should have bought 1 1/2 yrs. ago!

Unfortunately as a noob myself, I fell victim to the "Blue Suitcase mega "bio-aqua-science type" kit. 50% of the beautifully packaged product I spent my hard earned cash on had nothing to do with my freshwater setup. I ended up giving the non-freshwater testers to friends that could use them.

Thats a nice, inexpensive kit. Count me In.

enjoy your fish! :fish:
I use Mardel Labs 5-in-1 test strips. They seem pretty accurate to me and is ~$30 for a 100 strip pack.

The only liquid ones I buy are ammonia.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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