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What do you think???

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Hi All

I have recently purchased a adult group of Duboisi which are anthing from easily 3.5" to 5" in size. The group consists of 7 males and 8 females as far as i can tell with the experience i have !!

The answer i want to know is they have been trying to breed every day pretty much ever since i got them 3/4 weeks ago. When they start to breed the male keeps getting interupted and chasing away other fish and so far have had no females holding yet? Do you think it would be best to take out a couple of the males or just leave them as they are? I only have 15 in the group and dont want to make it too small??


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A friend of mine has a dub colony about like yours with a 50/50 mix, I also have a large colony of moliros that is male heavy a bit... Long story short both colonies produce fry... I am with you I like bigger colonies myself, you can take extra males out, but in a bigger colony it is not always necessary!! (I would not if there is no aggression issues) I think you will get fry soon enough... Your fish are probably still establishing rank and territory if you have not had them for too long. :thumb:
Ever tried teasing your tropheus with the bag of food... :lol: When I walk into the room my trophs all swim towards the end of the tank closest to me, then follow me around the room. When I get the bag of food out and they see it... All **** breaks lose water starts getting thrown at me as they all ball up in the middle of the tank. (It looks like they are all bonking heads and everything) :lol:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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