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What do you think???

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Hi All

I have recently purchased a adult group of Duboisi which are anthing from easily 3.5" to 5" in size. The group consists of 7 males and 8 females as far as i can tell with the experience i have !!

The answer i want to know is they have been trying to breed every day pretty much ever since i got them 3/4 weeks ago. When they start to breed the male keeps getting interupted and chasing away other fish and so far have had no females holding yet? Do you think it would be best to take out a couple of the males or just leave them as they are? I only have 15 in the group and dont want to make it too small??


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What size of tank do you have?

What is the length of the tank?

How many fish are in the 4.5 to 5" and what sex do you think they are?

15 Adults need atleast a 48 in. Long tank. A group size over 14 fish needs a standard US 75 gallon.

The longer your tank the better, it will spread out the fish more, so they can secure breeding areas, and female/fry escape places.

Duboisi generally do very good in 1/1 ratio colonies, and a group size 10-12 or more.

Personally, I like sinlge colonies of 18-20 fish in a 75 gallon. Or 25-30 fish single colony, in a 125 gallon (6ft) as the best setups.

Hope this helps.

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They are Tropheus and they have come to recognize you as God.

You are God to them. From you comes food, clean water, and most important Light. You also treat them when they are sick, and love them.

When they see you, they are really happy.

Sounds like your setup is in good order, you might want to try small piles in the corner and a huge pile in the center that breaks up line of sight end to end. This might help some with the breeding.

Best of luck god of Tropheus.. :lol:

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