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what do you think?

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I'm thinking a Fryeri (Lumbaulo) .

I bought these two within a week of each other from the same mixed malawi tank. They can color up to a flourescent light blue but usually stay the light blue gray color. There top fin color kind of comes down there forehead to there mouth's. An ideas?

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The bluer one is a Sci. fryeri. The lighter one looks like one, but the irregular barring is often a sign that there has been hybridization in the background.
You can almost always tell a fryeri from others because like fuscos and Tyrannochromis they have a bulge (premaxillary pedicel) on the snout which is able to help the fish open its mouth wider then other haps and it kind of gives them that grumpy face.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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