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30 gallon tank, 70 worth gallons of filtration,heavily rocked and caved, fake plants, 7.4-7.5 ph. Amonia 0, everything else good, also heated. every other day partial water changes.(by vacuming the bottom)
School of assorted green, normal, albino tiger barbs or another barb the same size. (max in the school i could have?)
1-3 assorted random african cichlids (max? good ones to get for this set up? males? females?)
3-5 kuhli loaches
I like this idea because, the barbs will be the top middle, cichlids show fish/ middle bottom, loaches take care of the extra food on the bottom.
alternative ideas are welcome, suggestions as well.
New to the forum and am liking what i see.
I took a break from the fish hobby looking forward to getting back into it, i wouldn't mind breeding(but i know the agression that comes with it) i have a few smaller tanks i can set up to grow fry so i can give them away/ sell them cheaply!

what do you guys think of my take idea? if you dont like it give me some ideas!
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