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What do you consider aggresion?

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This is my first cichlid tank and i am not sure what you would consider aggresion. So far i have some random chasing but nothing excessive and no one seems to be getting injured and none of my fish seem to be hiding very much and i do have a good amount of rock. If they are all mostly roaming around in open water is that a good sign?
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some are juvies and some are larger. In genral thier colouring is very good and they all seem healthy. I do have a lot of fish in my tank though. i will probably have to get rid of a few when they get larger. but they range in sixe from 1.5inch to about 6inch. i am keeping my eyes my auratus who is starting to get male colouring. i may not end up keeping him. he is starting to get aggresive and i baught him before i knew anything about cichlids.
i know. i'm not planning on keeping him. he's not one of my faves
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