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What do you consider aggresion?

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This is my first cichlid tank and i am not sure what you would consider aggresion. So far i have some random chasing but nothing excessive and no one seems to be getting injured and none of my fish seem to be hiding very much and i do have a good amount of rock. If they are all mostly roaming around in open water is that a good sign?
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Yes, that is a good sign.

When you notice fish trying to hide all the time and hanging out at the top of the water line trying to be "invisible", you've got too much aggression.

Really, it's all about the stock you choose to house together, as well as your male/female ratios.

One thing I have found, though...If my tank gets too peaceful, it's not as much fun to watch!

You just don't want so much aggression that the stress level is high enough to cause illness and death in your tank.

What is your stock list? Are they mature fish?

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