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What did I buy?

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I went to the my LFS and asked for a suitable tank mate for my large Red Oscar, they recommended a "Rose Queen Cichlid". It is gorgeous but when I try and look the fish up and try to learn a little more about the fish...I find nothing!

Could someone please tell me what I bought! Thanks so much for the replies!
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Thanks so much!That sounds like exactly what I needed to know. You rock and have a good one! :thumb:
My tank is 105g. Yeah, after all I'm hearing I'm guessing the guy at my LFS made the recommendation of the RQ due to the size of my Oscar. My Oscar is approx. 11-12 inches. By the time the RQ gets big enough to get aggressive with the Oscar hopefully they will be totally cool with each other!

So far, so good! They get along great right now! Thanks so much for all the advice on the RQ! :thumb:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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