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I have a 15 gallon fry tank that I am looking to replace the gravel with sand, problem is the rocks Im using are a light tan-white in color, some I am stuck between using black sand to contrast the rocks along with the fish or have white sand and not have the rocks be as noticeable, the background Im ordering is black and that is staying, but does anyone have a pic of an aquarium with black sand, white rocks, and a black background, or white sand, white rocks, and a black background, thanks in advance

Here is the pic with one regular incandescent light bulb

Second Pic with the 2 "color enhancing" light bulbs, the second looks kind of interesting, what's you guys opinions on the lights to choose

The sand i will be using is Estes Aqua Sand, anyone have any experience with this and is the grain size comparable to say
Aragonite sand
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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