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What can this be?... how do I fix it?

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I've noticed that this front is not as happy as he used to be... so today, after some cleaning up and a 40% water change i noticed the side fins and tail look a little bit damaged.

Could this be a fongus?... :-?

How do you suggest I treat this?
PS.: sorry for the bad cell photos

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excelent!... i'll proceed with the w.c....

i know its not recomended to keep Malawi and Tanganika fish together the peacock is just stuck, cause i've been trying to get rid of him, but no one has been interested in adopting him, and the front is there because the front tank i've got is way too small to kim him there with the alfa male, but only till november I can get a larger tank...
that one is a 50 gal tank, but as I said before, that's gonna change for sure..

I did a 40% water change, an he seems to be happier, now he swims n all the tank and has more appetite, before he was just parked on top of a rock.

And yes, he was quite nervous. He jumped about a couple times out of the tank!! :eek:

now everything seems ok...
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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