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What can this be?... how do I fix it?

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I've noticed that this front is not as happy as he used to be... so today, after some cleaning up and a 40% water change i noticed the side fins and tail look a little bit damaged.

Could this be a fongus?... :-?

How do you suggest I treat this?
PS.: sorry for the bad cell photos

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the dorsal looks short also, but it could be your photo. does this fish have a sunken belly? or is this also a photo distortion? if it is have issues to remedy on his behalf. IMHO.
best way to repair fin shredding is with increased water changes. if conditions are right, a fish can grow fin back similar to the speed we grow fingernails. IME, missing chunks are caused by battle and/or aggression, while feathering is more about water quality, space, and overall health. FYI, your front shows sign of feathering.
i would suggest to anti up with extra water changes for a couple weeks. if you notice some repair at that time, then you have the issue resolved, and can simply continue that type of w.c. schedule forever :wink:. if the fish shows little sign of progress after that, then i would move him to Q for a light salt bath (i use jungle's fungus eliminator). HTH.
don't stress about the malawi/tang mix, chago. it's like speeding. you can get away with 6up.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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