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Jakeee said:
so it is a "Flowerhorn"? I was thinking maybe trimac.
In all probability, yes it is likely a flowerhorn.
Many flowerhorns have obvious trimac genes, but flowerhorns are hybrids of more then one CA species.
As chromedome mentions, all flowerhorns are mutts.
Virtually no hybrid breeds, will breed true.....these crosses spit out all sorts.
When the resulting offspring have greater resemblance to a trimac.......then the fish is often referred to as a "low grade flowerhorn".
Unlikely, IMO, that the fish in question is a pure trimac. For one thing the fish doesn't really have the right shape or snout, though at this stage couldn't be 100% sure ( and some "low grade flowerhorns" you could never be certain with out knowing where the fish comes from).
Really, the fish looks to young and small to give any indication what the fish is going to end up looking like.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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