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What am I?

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I'd put this in the ID folder, except most of the people there know Africans only. Not too much Central or South action in there. Figured I'd get more help in this folder.

Anyway, this is a friend's fish, not my own. He picked up six of them from an LFS, labeled as "red terrors". He's hoping they're festae, but I know there are a couple species that look almost identical as juveniles. I have no idea how to tell them apart though, so I'm enlisting help. What species is this guy?

Thanks for the help!
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Looks more like a mayan ('Cichlasoma' uropthalmus ) to my eye ... the shape of the body and the caudal spot ... but depending on the size, it may not be possible to tell just yet.
I'd say Uro as well.
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