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Wet/Dry for a Tang 55 ?

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I have never used/set up a wet/dry filter before but I was lucky enough to get a 55gal with a wet/dry from a friend - for free !! but not sure about set up and is it ideal for a tang 55 community tank ?

Thoughts - ideas ? is it easy to set up ? usually use Bio Wheels and the like on my tanks and its worked out so far but Free is nice and it looks like it would be plenty to keep the tank clean - just unsure about it - hope its not overkill.
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It's not overkill. If it's free, give it a go. Can benefit any fish. If you can get a pic of the wet/dry with inlcuded plumbing, many here who can help.

Is the tank drilled? It may not be, as it may have come with a hang on the back overflow.
The tank is not drilled - it is a hang on system - at least thats what it looks like and has parts for - will lay it out today when I get home and see if I can figure it out - if not will post a pic and ask for help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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