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Went Shopping Today...

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Went shopping today and bought:

Perfecto 80 gallon Bowfront
A. Jacobfreibergi Otter Point
A. Stuartgranti Ruby Red
A. SP. Lwanda F0
A. Stuartgranti Hai Reef (Steveni Blue Neon)
S. Fryeri
P. SP. Seveni Taiwan (taiwan reef)

these 6 new fish will be added in the new tank with three fish I already have: Perlmutt, Red Empress and Yellow Lab.

my only concern is if the Red Empress will bully the Taiwan Reef. I did now want to have two species of Protomelas in this tank but I could not resist buying the Taiwan Reef.
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red empress will get to big for 80
poseidons minions said:
red empress will get to big for 80
yes, but he is 7 years old and maxed out at 6 inches.
Always nice to buy a present for yourself.

For those of you who have kept Red Empress with Taiwan Reef in the same tank, did you experience any problems?

I had an all male tank I was growing out with one of each in the tank. It was a 6' tank, the red empress was 3" and the steveni was about 3.5" but got beat up on a regular basis, not to the point of torn fins but the red empress would just push him out of the way and ram into him. It kept the steveni coloured down for a long time (until I sold the empress infact). I think my Empress was just overly aggressive though. It's really a hit and miss. I have a mdoka white lip now (supposedly one of the the most peaceful haps) at 2.75" that pushes around my 3.5" lemon jake and 4" Iceberg! I would presume that a 7 year old fish is a little too relaxed to bother with it though.
I'm sitting in front of my 135 male hap/peacock tank as I type this. The inhabitants include both a Red Emp and a Taiwan Reef.

They skirmish with each other a little bit at meal time - not much otherwise.
I have a120gl show and my 8inch empress and my 7inch steveni get along just fine. I dont think you will have a problem housing these togeather.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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