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Went camping dead fish

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So I went camping for a night I got back tonight to find one on my electic yellows dead!!!. Water parameters were all fine. This is what I have in the tank its around 350litres roughly. 2 red zebras around 4cm long, 1 midnight peacock around 7cm long, 1 female peacock around 8cm long. And HAD 3 yellows around 5cm long ( I measured the dead one it was 5.2cm). Anyone got any ideas as to what happened. I am guessing someone killed it but there was no marks or nothing visibly wrong with it. Could it have been a possible fight between two males although like i said no marks were found on it.
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My labs are the most hearty of all my fish. Its not the species. Sounds like you got a sick batch that killed them off one by one. I'd keep a close eye on my other fish if I was you, just to make sure they don't catch what your labs had.
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