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Went camping dead fish

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So I went camping for a night I got back tonight to find one on my electic yellows dead!!!. Water parameters were all fine. This is what I have in the tank its around 350litres roughly. 2 red zebras around 4cm long, 1 midnight peacock around 7cm long, 1 female peacock around 8cm long. And HAD 3 yellows around 5cm long ( I measured the dead one it was 5.2cm). Anyone got any ideas as to what happened. I am guessing someone killed it but there was no marks or nothing visibly wrong with it. Could it have been a possible fight between two males although like i said no marks were found on it.
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It's impossible to say what happened without alot more information...

How long has this tank been set up?

What are the water parameters on the tank?

What is your normal tank maintenance routine?

Was someone else feeding them in your absence?

Have you lost any other fish recently for unknown reasons?

Added any new fish without quarantining them?

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It could be "new tank syndrome", or it could be that you introduced some sort of disease with the new fish.

I would just keep a very close eye on things for awhile. Should you see any of the fish behaving differently, post back wtih the symptoms and we'll try to help.

The red zebras aren't pairing fish, they are harem breeders, and are going to be way too boisterous for the peacocks long term. They can also crossbreed with your yellow labs, so there may be some extra intensity in the aggression towards them.

Stocking choices can always play a part in the health and welfare of your fish.

Is the "white sheen" cottony or fuzzy in appearance?

Any unusual behaviour from the fish? Are they twitchy? Flashing against objects in the tank?

You could be dealing with a bacterial infection. If so, it may spread to your other fish.

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