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Hello, thanks for looking. I had 4 of these adult philipine blue angels in a 55 and everything was going well, I even got a few spawns. Then out of the blue, one of them got this wound on its side looking like a scape, it was pretty deep too. I put him in a 20 with salt and melafix because I assumed he scraped up against one of the spawning pots in the tank. It really never got better and he died. Now just recently, I see that 2 more have these scraps on their sides, almost in the same location as well so it really can't be from hitting against something in the tank. I really don't know what to do and don't want to lose anymore to this disease, they just laid eggs yesterday. Here's the sticked questions

:!: What size is your tank and what SPECIES of fish do you have? Had 4 adultish angels in a 55, once one was infected, moved that one to a 20 and other 3 to a 29.

:!: How long has it been set up? Is it CYCLED? I run sponges that have been cycled with ammonia, all my tanks are cycled.

:!: What are your water parameters: Temperature, ammonia (NH3/4), nitrite (NO2), pH, GH, KH and nitrate (NO3)? Temp-79, NH3-0, NO2-0, NO3-30 maybe, hard to tell. Ph is almost 8 and I don't know about gh and kh.

:!: How long have you had the fish and what symptoms do they have? What do you FEED them? Have you introduced any new fish recently? What is your MAINTENANCE schedule, and what product/s (if any) do you use to neutralize chlorine or chloramines in your TAP WATER?
I'be had the group of 4 for maybe 5 months now and up until maybe a month ago all were doing very well. I fed bloodworms and flakes. No fish have been added. I do weekly water changes of around 40% and use prime.
If anyone has any help I'd greatly appreciate it.
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