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weird algae

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I have a weird algae.......any ideas? Its growing like Coraline but its a fresh water tank.
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Are the rocks something new to the tank? Did you change the lighting? I kind of like it.....
So is the sun involved (or not involved) now?
Is the lighting (meaning the light fixture lighting the room) in the new area different than the old area?
Is it in a new room or just on a different wall?
When you moved the tank did you leave the rocks out during the floor installation? Like outside or something? Also, is the strange lichen looking material hard or soft?

Those were questions that got fired back to me when I talked with a few of my botany friends...

If it's hard it could be calcium deposits, if it's soft you might be growing some form of lichen??

BUT, both people said they've never seen lichens grow under water, only in damp situations...
I didn't read any of the links, just skimmed over them... That's very interesting though, I'll have to let my two friends know :thumb:

So what's the verdict John? Are you gonna keep em or are you gonna bleach em? I've got to be honest with you, I'd keep em, nothing like that ever grows in my tanks :?
John_Auberry said:
well they dont seem to be harting anything and Im pretty lazy, so there staying,
:lol: :lol: That's an awesome statement :thumb:
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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