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Have you guys noticed any problems with their s. fryeri??? I have had single specimens, all males die over a 6 year period in my tank. I have many other residents in the tank that are original to the tank and are therfore about 7 years old now. I've always kept only 1 male at a time. They were always adults. The first 2 I had for several months and then they would begin to lose weight and die. The most recent fish I had was a beautiful iceberg variant about 6 inches long that I had for about 6 months. All of a sudden he lost his color and looked like a female, retreated to the back corner of the tank and started twitching like he was having seizures. He was actually hitting the glass of the tank and the heater so I had to euthanize him for the safety of the other tank residents. the tank is 110 gallons. Other residents include: c borleyi 1 8 inch male and 2 female, 4 astatotilipia latifasciata 1 male , 3 females 3 german red peacocks 1m, 2f 3 taiwan reef males, 2 c. moori (1 large male, 1 runt), 1 o. lithobates male, 1 n. venustus male. About 20 fish.
tank parameters temp 78 F, nitrates ranges between 10-20, water changes 50% every 10-14 days, filtration 1 ac 110, 1 penguin 350, 1 sponge filter, 1 uv filter, total rate of 1020 gph
food: nls or hikari gold pellets, tetra cichlid flakes, omega one spirulina flakes, my own shrimp/pea mixture, frozen mysis/brine shrimp/plankton on a rotating basis

I'm just wondering if these fish have developed weakness due to overbreeding or I just got unlucky...
the source ogf the fish was different each time, 1 general LFS, 1 big box store, 1 store specializing in cichlids
thanks for the time!!!
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