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WC - F1 - F2 - TR ???

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Well i can work out that WC is wild caught, and TR is Tank raised, but what do the F1 and F2 classifications mean, and are there anymore classes that i don't know about..???

Thanks for your help
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F1 is first generation from wild caught. F2 would be fry from F1 fish. I've even heard F1.5. I was told that was WC male and F1 female. But I could be wrong on the whole thing. This is just what I've been told. :D
F1 means first generation (the f actually stands for filial - the latin root of son or daughter). So an F1 fish would be the offspring of two WC fish after they have been put into an aquarium.

F2 is second generation. An F2 fish is the offspring of two F1 fish.
There are no non-integer F generations. In the hobby F number stands for generations removed from wild, but from a genetics stand point this is an incorrect use.
What someone called F1.5 is most likely a WC that bred with a F1. If I'm selling to a hobbyist, I'd call that WCXF1 otherwise just say F2.
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