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Tap water read zero for everything. During the first week, there were normal ammonia readings, no nitrites, and already had nitrates in the water. I just assumed that there was some nitrate that was rung out from the filter sponge from the other aquarium. Second week there was still ammonia, some nitrites, and 40 ppm of nitrates already. This prompted the water change. By week three, the ammonia was nearly gone, there was the usual nitrite spike, but nitrates were already at 100 ppm.

The only thing that I can think of is that the rock seems to be fairly porous. Almost like lava rock. I'm wondering if the rock had nitrates that didn't completely rinse out, but leeched into the aquarium water when it was sitting completely submerged.

I will probably try an almost full water change and see what happens. I'm going to move the rock into a little 10 gallon quarantine tank since its currently empty and do before and after readings to test the rock theory. I wouldn't think that one small prawn could result in that much nitrate after a cycle, but I could be mistaken.
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