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on sunday we did a gravel vac/50%water change and moved/added ornaments to my 75 gallon African cichlid tank. my electric blue fryeri (adult male) started getting in fights constantly with a adult synodontus lace catfish (large adult) and one of my ob peacocks (small adult male). he was seemed to be getting torn up on the catfish dorsal fin spikes trying to get it out of its cave and with the peacock in general after I moved the cave while working on the tank. I was going to remove the electric blue fryeri temporarily to a container just long enough to finish working on the tank then put him right back in. I didn't realize how hot the water was being put back into the tank (I wasn't the one doing it). water was put in the storage container to put my fish in temporarily to break up the fights. about 30 seconds later he started twitching and shaking then flipped upside down. I reached into the water he was in and realized it was very hot. I put him pack in the tank and held him a moment then he swam off and propped himself up on various ornaments. the tank temperature at that point was 89 so the water he was in (all new water) had to have been even higher. he is doing better now but is very shy and wants to be left alone. up til now he had been very dominant. that one and a lot of other fish have since been gasping for air at the top. I had 3 large airstones in the tank already and ran a battery powered one last night. this evening I added a 4th large airstone to the tank. the temperature is now 82. most fish have now come down from the top and are acting ok but unusualy calm. none of the normal chasing in the tank. now my male kenyi is swimming verticaly face up and seems to be struggling. my rusty looks like it has some skin pealing in a few spots. had about half a dozen dead fry for electric blue fryeri and about another half dozen dead for the acei. the main fish are so calm right now that I went ahead and released the rest of the fry/both types. no one is bothering them but the acei are almost entirely staying on the surface rather than going into plants and such as the others did. I have some electric blue fryeri fry from a few months ago that have been in the main tank a few weeks now and nothing going on different with them. no one chases them anymore. 2 juveniles also that have no issues. they seem to be among my most resilient fish. I added stresscoat. im looking for any suggestions on helping my fish. I had a similar situation a few months back when my heater went up to 90 on its own before I realized what was going on and I had a lot of fish gasping for air and lost some but most recovered just fine.

i have the following fish copy/pasted from my file I try to keep updated as I add or remove fish, if they die or if I find extra info on them. all males unless specified otherwise.

electric blue hap/scianochromis fryeri. max size 6-7 inches. x 2 adults and 2 juveniles = 4
babies born 3/14/18 x 30-----released 23 into tank--at least 7 of these left that have been spotted at one time so my be more.
new babies born june 6 2018 x 40

yellow lab--males have black fin and females have no or little black----max size = 5 inches. x 3
acei----max size = 6 inches. x2
new babies born june 6 2018 x about 40

electric blue johani----max size = 5 inches--Life Expectancy: 12 years x1
kenyi--orange is male and purple is female----max size= 5 inches. x2 I each male and female
red fin shark/rainbow shark--max size = 5 inches. x2
bumblebee--max size= 9 inches. x2. 1 each male and female
demasoni--max size = 3 inches. x 4-- 2 male and 2 female
felleborni/ multicolor peacock x 1 male blue and orange but changes which parts are what color and sometimes has partial or full vertical stripes instead of blob of random color.
black and red multicolor peacock x 1
green peacock with blue head x 1
blue peacock x 1
yellow head with silver body and black line peacock/changed to no color/changed to brilliant blue/changed to brilliant purple with orange on head/has since varied how much of the head is covered by orange/changed to blue with orange on top of head and the old single horizontal black stripe/after watching some fry with vertical stripes changed to blue with orange on top of head with multiple vertical stripes and now no horizontal stripe/this is a interesting fish and cant make up its mind on color/pattern x 1
rusty--max size = 4 inches x 1
exasperatus---max size = 5 inches--dolphin like head x 3
synodontus lace catfish--african river catfish--max size 7 inches. Life Expectancy: 11 years x 1
synodontus multipunctatus catfish---african lake catfish--max size 8.7-10 inches--Life Expectancy: 15 years x 1
bricardi--max size = 5 inches x 2
livingstoni--max size = 10 inches x 1
red fin borleyii--max size = 4.5-8 inches--Life Expectancy: 12 years x 1
jacobfreibergi peacock--max size = 8-9 inches -- x 1
afra--max size = 3.5 inches x 1
deep water hap---max size = 6 inches x 1
ice blue zebra--max size = 6 inches x 1---total for this section 14===total 41
red top zebra---max size = 5 inches--Life Expectancy: 8-10 years x 1
rock kribensis---max size = 4.7 inches x 1
cobalt blue---max size = 5.5inches x 1
elongatus chewere---max size = 6 inches x 1---total for this section 4===total 43
unknown loach x 1 it was in a plant we bought. the store doesn't even sell this kind so I don't know what kind of loach it is. just recognized the general type of fish by shape.
flying fox x 2
chinese algae eater x 4
total fish = 51 not counting the fry that we will not be keeping almost all of. may keep a handful.
40 cichlids, 2 catfish, 2 shark, 6 algae eaters, 1 loach.

75 gallon currently but moving soon and plan to get a much bigger tank as soon as can afford it. 125g at least.

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89 to 90 degrees is way too hot; the water won't hold oxygen at those temps. I would shoot for 76 to 78.

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I did a similar thing on a water change. I usually keep my temps to 78-79 but the water I put in got it up to 83. Nobody died but some pretty good fights broke out between the two demosoni's and a cobalt blue, there was sand flying all over the place. It's kind of fun to watch but I don't want anyone to get hurt. It's back down to 78 and everyone seems happy.
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