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Hi, I have hade my 55 gal. tank up for about 8 months. I have 5 eureka reds (4 females and 1 male) and I have 4 yellow labs (3 females and 1 male). I noticed about 2 weeks ago out of nowhere that my tank started to get cloudy. Then a few days later I noticed that my eureka red male had a cloudy eye. Since then I have lost 17 fry in the tank, two female yellow labs, and my eureka red male and one female. I clean my filters every 2 months and I do water changes once a week. No matter what I do I cant seem to get my tank to clear up, and now it seems that the water has a greenish tint. I tested my water and pH is 7.8, total alkalinity is 100, hardness is 120, nitrate (NO2) is 0 , and nitrate (NO3) is 10. Any suggestions on why my tank is cloudy and why my fish are dying???
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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