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water cloudiness

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i have a tank that is in the process of cycling and the water is really cloudy it has been up for 10 days now water readings are 5kh 8.0ph 1.0ppm nitrite 20ppm nitrate and 2.0ppm ammo if i do some water changes to get the cloudiness out will it affect the cycle?
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It's probably a bacteria bloom and very normal. It will slow your cycle a little to do water changes.
Me usually cloud up for a while during a cycle. It just part of the process. It will clear up after a while
I agree, don't worry about the cloudiness. Very normal during this phase and it will clear on it's own. Your levels are good at the moment, but if either ammonia or nitrite go off scale, I'd do some water changes since I've seen some reports of nitrifying bacteria being inhibited at very high levels. I, personally, have never seen water changes slow a cycle unless it was a massive change of say 75% or more. So, if doing water changes, small frequent are best.

Just curious if you're fishless cycling and were these tests done after adding ammonia? It's a bit unusual to still see ammonia once nitrates have started to climb.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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