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I'm thinking the most convenient method would be mixing hot softened water with the cold well water when I do water changes.
That is the way to go.
At 25 dGH your well water is actually too hard. Not that your fish wouldn't live OK in it, but it would be better diluted to a lower amount. Bear in mind Lake Malawi is dGH 3.5 to 5.5, so a lower level would at least be more 'natural'.
I'm concerned that the sodium in the softened water may be unhealthy for the mbuna.
Shouldn't be all that much sodium in softened water (?). After all, it's still low enough sodium that people can drink the water. As mentioned by posters above, some use straight 'softened' water for Malawi and have no problems, and you would at least be diluting the amount of salt by mixing some straight cold well water.
softened water that contains 500 tds of sodium?
That is 500 tds from all the minerals in the water..... might be predominantly, but not entirely just from sodium. The water softener would have exchanged a calcium and/or magnesium ion for a sodium ion, but tds is a measure of all the ions (including iron).
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