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I'm a math guy. So, I like to find out how out of spec your water change is, so I can offer a pedantic opinion :)

I'm assuming that the tank is 80 degrees. I do this because it's easy, and I hate math. I'm also going to assume your well water is 60 degrees. You said below 60, but I don't know how much below sixty, so... Sixty it is.
You have a 20 degree water/tank differential. If you drain half the tank, and fill it with well water, your tank is going to be 70 degrees, so you're perfectly safe. A 10 degree swing over any length of time is going to be fine for any Mbuna.

If you're still concerned? do two hoses. Python from the sink with warm water, and a garden hose from the well. I do this when needed (I actually always fill my tank with at least one garden hose). If that messes with the parameters too much for hardness, I'd just slowly dump some super hot tap water in to keep the temp relatively constant.

Actually, I would do this once, and then I'd decide that it was a PITA and I'd probably buy an on-demand water heater that has a 110v plug in, and hose barbs on both sides and cost me about $65 from Amazon, and I would just use it to take the cold edge off the hose and change water that way. You could probably find something just like what I'm describing if you went to Amazon and typed in something generic like "110V 3000W Mini Electric Tankless Water Heater Instant HOT Mini Kitchen Water Warmer Instant Hot Water Heater Tankless Shower Kitchen Faucet Kitchen Instant Water Heater (Gold)". :)
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