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Was the LFS wrong?

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I was told this was a malawi but I think its a hap.

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It is indeed a Malawian Hap, possibly a Protomelas taeniolatus variant.
cichlidNub said:
I was told this was a malawi but I think its a hap.
Haps is a reference to a group of fish from malawi, similar to mbuna. At least i think that is correct me. Correct me if im wrong. just..HAP-pens to be a Hap... 8) ...and there is a Malawi also.
When people refer to fish as Malawi they, what they really mean is that the fish comes from Lake Malawi in Africa.
Within Lake Malawi there are primarily 2 different types of fish. Haps and Mbuna
The fish in question is a Hap from Lake Malawi and looks like a male Protomelas Taeniolatus species. Common name Red Empress. Beautiful fish when mature
Is this a male or female? The fish is about 3.5-4in. When do they start to color up?
At that size, and judging by the rounded fins, I would guess it's a female.
On second thoughts it does look female. I thought there was more blue in the face but there is not.
Agree with Joea
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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