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Want to keep Tanganyika Cichlids

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A number of years ago I the had the space available to keep a 90 Gallon mbuna setup, so I am familiar with the keeping of African Cichlids, and am not totally new to the hobby and have been wanting to make a return to the hobby for some time now.

Knowing that I wasn't going to be able to keep another 90 Gallon tank, has slighty put me off coming back to the hobby, but after being an unregistered user of this forum now for a couple of Months, I have come to the realisation that the space I have available, will allow me to keep a limited number of very interesting Tanganyika Cichlids, and would like some feedback and or suggestions regarding my plan.

I have acquired two tanks, both of which are the maximum size that space both upstairs and downstairs will allow. and an external filter came with the juwel 125, but would much prefer to get another one for the Aqua1 as I'm not entirely satisfied with the inbuilt filter that comes with it and external canister is my preferred method of filtration.

Aqua1 620t
130 Leters / Aprox. 34 US Gallons
Length 62cm x Width 39cm x Height 72cm

Juwel 125
125 Leters / Aprox. 33 US Gallons
81cm x 36cm x 50 cm

Whilst I understand that the Aqua1 is fairly small tank going by the blue-print, I got it due to it being the biggest volume of water that space allowed me to fit upstairs. From the information I have already aquired by reading through the forum, it would appear that both tanks would be a suitable size to keep:

Altolamprologus sp. allthough I could use some advise on specific species, as it appears that not al Alto's will be a good choice me.

Lamprologus' multifasciatus

Lamprologus' Bevris
(most likely not in the same tank as the Multifaciatus)

Selected Julidochromis Sp.
Again, advice on specific sp of Julies would be most welcome.

Any other suggestions would be most appreciated, and if possible I would like to make use of the opportunity of two tanks to house different varieties, that may not be compatible to be kept together in the same tank, but you guys are much more knowledgeable as to specific species that are available and compatible.

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A species tank for multifasciatus in the smaller tank. A pair of brevis and a pair of calvus in the larger tank.
I recently became more active too. I was one of the first in the midwest USA back in the late 1960's to breed mbuna. Welcome back.

Your options with Tanganyikan cichlids are wide open with your tank sizes. I have spawned this past year J. transcriptus "Bemba", N. helianthus and N. leleupi in tanks no bigger than 30 USgal. If you like a show tank I think some of the N. brichardi complex, particularly with the long fin species and either white or black A. calvus would be striking. They are so different that they "get along" and compliment each other.

I have had and bred new world and African cichlids and I really enjoy my Tanganyikans because I like substrate spawners and don't have space for the larger Central and South Americans.

Thanks for the suggestion of N. brichardi complex, they certainly do look striking fish, and as you say some White or black A would look striking together!. Would these breed happily together?
I suspect the larger tank should be large enough for a pair or trio of Calvus/Compressiceps and a pair/trio of J Ornatus, or a shelldweller and the J Ornatus. Or a shellie and the Calvus/Comps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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