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Vote for what to put in my tank

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What to put in my 15 gallon column tank (13" x 13" x 20")
dwarf platties00.00%
endler's livebearer327.27%
featherfin rainbowfish327.27%
other (add suggestion)327.27%
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I have a 15 gal column tank and am looking for small fish to place in it.
Becouse its a column that means a tiny footprint...I wouldnt do any fish I think the best thing is dwarf aqautic frog or some shrimp with some nice plants.
it has a 8 watt light built into the hood, so .5 watts per gal limits my plant options, but if something works - how may shrimp?
You could go with a few male Endler's. There are also quite a few 'nano-fish' available, here's a decent list:
I went w/ a trio of featherfins.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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