Vinny Kutty

Vinny Kutty​

The third speaker profiled for this year's American Cichlid Convention is Vinny Kutty. If you are into Crenicichla, aka pike cichlids, then you probably recognize the name. Vinny has kept pike cichlids for decades and several of his articles can be found in the South American Pikes section of the library.

Pike cichlids are predators found throughout the Amazon River Basin and as far south as Argentina. While some dwarf species are only a few inches long, other species can reach two feet in length. The smaller varieties can be kept easily in 4-foot tanks, but the larger species will need 6-foot tanks. Pikes are generally hardy and do well in a variety of water conditions. Reproduction in the aquarium is another matter and can be difficult. To learn more about pike cichlids check out Vinny's Introduction to Pick Cichlids article. Make sure to attend the ACA 2016 convention to see Vinny Kutty and the other great speakers. To discuss pike cichlids visit the South American Cichlids forum.