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Video of my 95 gal Haps/Peacock/Mbuna Tank - One month old

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Hi guys and girls,

I just recorded a small video showing my haps/peacock/mbuna tank as it gets one month old.
Mine is a 95 gal/5ft long tank being filtered by 5 internal/external filters with total of 890 gals/hour. I started to populate it last week and now it has the following fish:

1 Dimidiochromis compressiceps
3 Copadichromis borleyi
1 Aulonocara baenschi
6 Labidochromis caerulues Nkhata bay

I'm still planning to add three Nimbochromis venustus and maybe one more D. compressiceps just to improve my chance to have a male (I would remove the other fish) because it will be quite difficult to add fish later since I only find juvenile fish to sell here.

Here is the video:
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I like the vallesneria and rock work. Will look super nice when those rocks get coated with algae!
Looks good-nice tank. The fish are...small...and just the right size...for now. :)
do you have a black bacground, do you have yellow tailed acei :?
You lucky bugger !!!

I feel i have tried all of the UK trying to find Labidochromis Caeruleus Nkhata Bays with no luck. I would love to have these fish so you are very lucky.

Oh by the way nice tank lol !!

Thanks for all the comments guys.

The populations is a little bit different now. I added four more fish and now I just have to wait to sex them and remove any male in excess.

I added one more Dimidiochromis compressiceps (3", unsexed), 1 Othopharynx lithobates male (2"), 1 Cyrtocara moorii (2", unsexed) and one Protomelas taeniolatus (2", unsexed).

I will adjust the team later by removing one of the two D. compressiceps, probably two of the L. caeruleus since I believe that I have 3 males and 3 females and the P. taeniolatus if it happen to be a female.

I think that I have 1 male and 2 females of the C. borleyi. If this will be the case I will keep them all, otherwise I will keep just a single male.

So, in the end I will have something between 9 and 12 fish, being:

1M/3F L. caeruleus "Nkhata Bay"
1M D. compressiceps
1M A. baenschi
1M O. lithobates
1(M or F) C. moorii
1M/2F or 1M C. borley
0 or 1M P. taeniolatus
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