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Hi, everyone, I work at Petsmart and recently we got a fish shipment in, that has a very rough looking severum. We have a 20 gallon isolation tank, that only I work on. I just wanted to get some information from you guys on what type of medications you might potential he use to hopefully help this guy. He's been with me for three days and has steadily improved, I've only been using stress guard, and pima/mela fix. I'm wondering if theres anything else I should do.
Here's some pictures He's got a large open wound on his right side, and All of his fins have rotted away.
And he ate for his first time today.
Water quality in this quarantine tank is
Nitrite .5ppm
Nitrate 10ppm
PH 7.8
KH 80ppm
GH 120ppm
Ammonia 0ppm
I am fine with purchasing my own medication for this fish, because I know Petsmart wont. Just need to know what I should get for him
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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