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I got two young-ish Keyhole cichlids 1 week ago along with 1 small electric blue ram and 4 small tiger barbs. Up until yesterday, the Keyholes were sweet and mellow & warm-colored and - co-existing with the other fish. The 2 Keyholes coupled up and started doing some synchronized swimming, which was cute. Since yesterday, one of them has intense markings and has been extremely aggressive with the other fish. He/she is terrorizing the Blue Ram. It's one more than the other, but when I removed the aggressive fish temporarily, the other Keyhole became aggressive too. They are in the equivalent of a 25 gallon tank - 24" across. I selected Keyholes because I want peaceful fish that aren't going to kill others in the tank.

Any ideas why this is happening and if it's permanent? Any suggestions on what I can do?

I have beautiful, full-grown Jack Dempsy in the other half of the tank. If necessary, I could move her to a stand-alone 25 Gallon tank, but I'd prefer not to have two tanks to maintain at once.

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