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I've got a 7 inch male venustus that goes after any eggs dropped on the ground. I've witnessed him messing with blue dolphins and peacocks, they chase him, but he just comes right back and sticks his greedy mouth where he knows the egss will be (he's pretty clever really)....the fish have managed to breed anyways but then often abort the hold, is it possible that there are too few eggs or they aren't fertilized because the female panics and picks them up too early? I've had two consecutive aborted holds by a stuart, about 4 aborted holds by red empress (one was two weeks in) and maybe 3-4 aborted by the dolphins, and these aren't small haps? do haps need way more tries to hold than mbuna (where one failure may or may not happen)....or should i just get rid of the venustus? he's gorgeous :?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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