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Varied 90 gal inhabitants

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I want a very diverse and lively 90 gallon tank with mainly cichlids. Could i go: 1 jewel, 1 oscar, 1 JD, 1 firemouth and a polypterus? Could i add any more fsh on top of this? And are there any smaller schooling fish i can add (not tinfoil barbs or silver dollars)?
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The only problems your going to have are with the Oscar and Bichir. Oscars generally need a 90 to themselves and the only Bichir that would be able to grow to adult size in a 90 would be a Cuvier. Ornates, saddled and banded bichirs all get around "24.
And as for schooling fish you could look into denisonii barbs, but as your JD grows it will pick off anything smaller than itself.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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